Make-up Artist for Screen Picture

QLED Pro is a new generation of QLED TV equipped with dual hardware picture quality technology launched by IRIS in 2022. Like a skilled makeup artist, QLED Pro's superb picture-enhancing technology magnifies every moment of beauty on the screen.

Experience Precise Reality

Q7010 uses Eco-QLED, a new generation of QD technology, to improve the color of each frame accurately and significantly, and truly restores 1.07 billion level amazing color.

Unveil Portraits Seen in the Naked Eye

The innovative hardware skin tone enhancer technology makes the human skin tone ruddy-transparent, which is more real and softer.

Health QLED, Stable Without Flicker

Effectively avoids the harm from invisible flash and reduces screen flash by changing dimming mode to guard your health.

Take Better Care of Your Family's Health

Certified with SGS, we use unique antibacterial material for the remote control. The antibacterial rate reaches as high as 99%.

Better Way to Enjoy Your TV Watching

Except for the screen flicker free and the low blue light, the night mode, eye-protection mode and auto-volume control mode can all provide you with a better way to enjoy TV watching.

Personalize Your TV

You can fully enjoy your favorite movies, music, games, applications and so on. Google TV helps you discover what you'd like to watch next based on what you have watched.

Enjoy the Resources as You Like

Here you can enjoy over 700,000 movies and TV series, and millions of songs.
You can watch your favorite movies, and play your

A TV World Made Just for Kids

Creates a world for children only, to take a weight off your mind.

Get Closer Through Google Duo

With some simple steps, a high-quality video chat with your friends and family through Google Duo can be achieved.

A Place to Store Warm Memories

It will be easier to recall your memories through Google photos in your device and share them with your family anytime on the TV.

Stream from Your Device

Easily casts shows, photos, and more contents from your phone right to your TV.

Simplify Your TV Operation

In addition to functions of the Google system, Q7010 has a unique Daily Family module to meet more needs.

Inner Core Creates Power

Equipped with the latest IRIS Chameleon Extreme 2.0, it creates fantastic movies and makes the movies full of captivation.

Deliver a More Impactful Movie Experience

Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ which Q7010 supports are the two highest-spec HDR technologies on the market. They can deliver stunning brightness, deep dark details and bright colors when watching any HDR movie.

Just Like Going into a Film Scene

Filmmaker mode can better deliver the original creative intention of the film. By disabling all post-processing, the filmmaker mode makes the expected film and television programs shown successfully, which allows you to enjoy a cinematic experience at home.

The Sounds of Nature Fell From the Sky

Q7010 with Dolby Atmos, breaking through the concept of 5.1 and 7.1 soundtrack traditionally, can combine the content of the film to present dynamic sound effects, realize sound field surroundings, show more sound details and improve the feeling of watching the film.

Free Your Hands from TV Controlling

Search for shows, get recommendations, and even control your TV faster with your voice. Just say "Hey Google" to get it started.

A New Way to Connect

The TV can be connected to mobile phones or bluetooth speakers. With our unique Display Off technology, the TV can be used as a large screen sound, bringing you an immersive listening experience at night in an environmentally friendly way.

Space Gray Horizon Decorative Side

Deep Space Grey-Q7010 decorative side uses the hot stamping process of frosted metal texture, When the screen is off, the space gray decorative side is integrated with the screen, which is very mysterious like being in the outer space.

Airy Dual-blade Base

The Q7010 base is made of metal die-casting technology. The hollow U-shaped center-out base creates a sense of air suspension, which is light and powerful.

Boundless Screen 4.0

Boundless Screen 4.0 adopts the "F" type module, which achieves a 97% ultra-high screen ratio, bringing an amazing boundless visual experience.

Multiple Interfaces Can Meet All Your Needs