Expand Your Vision

Boundless screen 4.0 and "F" shape bending design make your TV more sturdy and durable, and the ultra-high screen-to-body ratio design provides you with a larger vision.

The “F” shape bending process makes the edge width only 1mm, more than 50% lower than other models, achieving ultra-hign screen ratio and dustproof effect.

More nimble and elegant

Stronger and more durable

Personalize Your TV

You can fully enjoy your favorite movies, music, games, applications and so on. Google TV helps you discover what you’d like to watch next based on what you have watched.

Enjoy the Resources as You Please

Here you can enjoy over 700,000 movies and TV series, and millions of songs. You can watch your favorite movies, and play your favorite music and games as you like.

Get Closer through Google Duo

With only several steps, a high-quality and face-to-face video chat with your friends and family through Google Duo can be achieved.

A TV World Made Just for Kids

Help you guide your kids to roam in an age-appropriate content space, and help auto-filter kid-friendly apps, movies and shows. Limit their time of watching TV and set bedtime easily.

A Place to Store Warm Memories

You can review memories among your devices through Google photos and make it easier to find the photos you need. Share your photos and memories with your family anytime on TV in your leisure time.

Stream from Your Device

Easily cast movies, shows, photos, and more from your phone right to your TV.

Simplify Your TV Operation

In addition to functions of the Google system, IRIS G4010 has a unique Daily Family module to meet more needs of our consumers.

Perfect Your Viewing

IRIS G4010adopts special bulbs, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful blue light in the 415nm-455nm band, to better guard your family's health.

Flicker Free, Eye Protection

Effectively avoid the harm from invisible flash and reduce screen flash by changing the dimming mode to guard your health.

Better Way to Enjoy Your TV Watching

Except for the screen flicker free and the low blue light, the night mode, eye-protection mode and auto-volume control mode can all provide you with a better way to enjoy TV watching.

Restore True Color

Equipped with the image quality improvement technology of HDR10 , IRIS G4010 provides you with a fresher blooming vision.

Achieve a Full-On Gaming Experience

With real-time data transmission and reduced system.

Recreate Immersive Picture Quality

IRIS’s unique image quality improvement technology. G4010 uses the Trochilus Extreme Image Engine to create a more vivid and colorful picture with a greater color depth and dynamic range for an immersive picture quality experience.

The Excellent Acoustics

Dolby Audio indulge you in multi-dimensional surround sound; just like roaming in the ocean of sound with pleasure.

Control Your TV Just With Your Voice

Search for shows, start Apps, even control your sma home appliances. Just ask Google.

Multiple Interfaces Can Meet All Your Needs